Understanding Organic Foods Love Chemistry with Antioxidant!

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Understanding Organic Foods Love Chemistry with Antioxidant!

Organic food has countless health virtues. One of the best example would be a child who switched from his regular food to organic shows no traces of pesticides in their urine within five days. This is one of the drastic positive change one might feel.

There are drawbacks too with organic food since its typically more expensive and harder to find as well. Moreover, sceptics believe that there is clear evidence of any health benefits mentioned in published studies.

But still, organic food industry has been on a constant increase on sales rising from $1 billion in 90s to $26.7 billion in 2010. According to a research in organic trade association, 78% of American families buy organic foods and with the passage of time, the rate is increasing.

Greater antioxidant value

Antioxidants are important for a human body that are found in fresh fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants come with countless number of health benefits including prevention of cancer. For help and advice about cancer visit The LOC’s website. There are some researches which shows that organic food consists of more antioxidants compared to other foods. According to a study published in journal of science of food and agriculture found higher number of antioxidants like vitamin c in organic broccoli compared to regular.

Understanding the science
To understand the science, you need to learn the concept of free radicals first. They are unstable molecules that are produced during chemical reactions. Environmental pollutants release fumes; cigarette smoke produces free radicals in the body which intervenes with the normal cell productions. Antioxidants, thus; protect the body from harmful free radicals.
Antioxidants are crucial for a body to build up its immune system so that it can protect itself from free radicals.